New User, from Android Things.

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Came here, as this is purported to be a replacement for Android Things, however so far, hugely disappointed in what I have seen,

  1. It appears to be little more than a LineageOS derritive, with some licencing tacked on.
  2. Onboarding is really really poor, actually having to do a full desktop PC like installation after flashing. (not very embedded at all)
  3. OS is really really slow compared to Android Things, boot times are 4-5x longer.
  4. Desktop applications? Really? Isn't this supposed to be an embedded OS?
  5. No Wireless ADB.
  6. Security Patch OS level Android 7, and security patch is Jan 2018. Yep 4 years old. From memory, that's WORSE than Android Things.

It feels like this is nothing like it's marketing suggested it was. Whats going on here?


  • From the front page;

    Goodbye outdated Android™.
    Hello OTA updates and remote management.
    With emteria you can build user-facing Android products at scale, operate them remotely and ensure long-term security.

    How on earth is Android 7.12 and Security patch Jan 2018 not outdated??

  • Hi @MarkG123 ,

    You are right, that emteria.OS is not a 1-to-1 replacement for Android Things. But the transition from Android Things, which is no longer maintained, to emteria.OS is straight forward and has the least possible effort.

    1. emteria.OS is based on AOSP. The licencing is mainly needed for the services that we offer, e.g. OTA updates and remote management capabilities; which do not come with other ROMs.
    2. Are you referring to the SetupWizard after the first boot? It can be disabled for mass deployment.
    3. Boot times of emteria.OS depend on hardware, but you are probably right, that Android Thing boots faster as it was a single app OS. Is that crucial for your use-case?
    4. Can you elaborate on that point?
    5. ABD should work over WiFi. The description "ADB over Ethernet" might be misleading in that regard.
    6. I guess you are referring to the RPi3 image. If you need a newer Android Version I would like to point you to emteria.OS for RPi4. It's based on Android 11 and we will be switching to Android 12 this year. As for the RPi3: the major version is mainly about features and with the limited hardware of the RPi3 it's not feasible to run higher Android versions. We incorporated the latest official security patch there is and that's what you are seeing. Other backported and applied security patches are not reflected in this label.
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