Workspace not visible

edited June 20 in Web portal

I'm a n00b developing a new digital signage product. I registered with a free account and proceeded to test things with emterial on a raspberry pi. Suddenly, after some weird anomallies uploading files, all the information in the portal got wiped out. It's not going to impact me because I was just experimenting with things but this doesn't bode well for my plans to move forward with Emteria. Has anyone else had this experience where the portal account suddenly resets and it welcomes you as a new user? Is this supposed to happen?


  • btw, when I try and enter the voucher code that was sent to me via email, I get "voucher redemption failed" with no explanation.

  • Sorry, there was an issue with showing workspaces correctly. Nothing was reset or lost - everyone should see their workspaces and thus devices again.

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