Drive detected but ignored

Hi, I have the following problem, my SD card is detected, but it is ignored, how do I get the installer to not ignore it?
After running the installer, signing in, choosing the proper version, I get to the step where I have to choose a drive, and no drives are detected. Image here show the drive selection part of the installer
Below is what I see in the terminal when clicking refresh drives, the SD card is the "SE32G at /dev/mmcblk0"
I've tried having the SD card have no partitions and I've tried letting it be a single ex4 partition, none of this made any difference.

Refreshing drives Ignoring system drive "SAMSUNG_MZ7TD256HAFV-000L7 at /dev/sda" Ignoring system drive "SE32G at /dev/mmcblk0" Found 0 drive(s)


  • Interesting. Which OS do you have? We are using "lsblk" and "udevadm info" for detecting system drives on Linux.

    You can try re-formatting the drive to a single FAT partition.

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