Release of 0.4.0

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Dear all,

We have just released a new platform version with a lot of new features and improvements. The most prominent ones are probably:

  • Included all kernel modules into the build (in /boot/modules)
  • Updated the graphics driver (wallpaper, performance and more)

Thank you for your help and support! More features and improvements will follow soon :)

Best regards


  • Hi, I try to used the installer, but failed md5 check every. It might due to the poor internet of my country. Just wondering if there is an offline install image that i can download?

  • Hi Sam, unfortunately, there is no other way to download the platform yet. We will think of resuming broken downloads in future.

  • In the new version the graphics are still horrible (Rpi3, official 7" touch display):
    There is a reddish outline at white fonts/symbols - it's unreadable. The icons have noisy pixels around the borders and sometimes the whole display is wobbling like a 70s TV. With Raspian the display is ok - so it can't be a hardware failure.
    Seriously guys - if you want to sell your product, the graphics have to work.

  • Hi @Wolf, thanks for your valueable time invested in testing. We are aware of this problem, as Stefan has explained here: Maybe my description of this release was a bit misleading, as it was related to the Android's graphics and not to the VC4. I am very sorry for the confusion caused.

    We are aware of many bugs - all of which have to be fixed as soon as possible - and of the importance of the product quality for the sales. Both Stefan and I invest all of our time into platform development, but unfortunately we can't fix everything at once, so the progress is a bit slow. Nevertheless, we would like to share our current state with the community, as there also exist users who don't rely on the official touchscreen. Our main goal when releasing the next version is not upsetting someone, because there are still bugs we did not yet fix, but rather making someone else happy because we did fix one or two other things. Nobody should feel obliged to purchase a license, if his requirements are not yet fulfilled.

    BTW: The support of the official touchscreen is in the top 5 of our TODOs and we hope to take care of it in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, it would be great to keep everyone with a sufficient amount of patience around for discussion and testing. We do really appreciate it.

  • Hello,
    you can fix the issues with the official touchscreen in a few steps.
    Go to the config.txt file (in the boot partition) and change the current graphic options to the "vc4-fkms-v3d" and also change in the hdmi settings the 60 to 30. (It should be something like this: 800 480 30 0 0.
    Now it should work good.

  • I am running 0.4.0 on a HDMI screen. But the system hang every 40 mins or so. not sure if it is just me.

  • Hi @Sam,

    We have performed several long-term tests. Clean installation of emteria.OS 0.4.2 is running for 3 days in a row now. No hangs detected. Could you please help us reproduce the issue?

  • Hello Kalkov, good day! could the permanent restart problem be solved when starting?

  • How could I register my Pi? Confused

  • Buy a license and then run the License Manager on the Raspberry Pi.

  • the volume does not work with HDMI can you fix that or how to fix it ?

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