Will Emteria support Raspberry Pi 4?

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Hi there, just wondering if Emteria will support Raspberry Pi 4 eventually. Or from what I've heard the software will probably be backwards compatible anyway.

Also, with its specs the Raspberry Pi 4 might already get free Android support.


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    How he could know that if he doesn't have it in hand? :)

    It probably will require new kernel/boot files.
    I'm excited to purchase the 4GB version, install Android 9 Pie on it and see how it will perform.

    I'm happy coz they released it earlier than i expected as my RPI3 HDMI died .

    They probaby heard me coz RPI4 has 2 micro HDMI out so if one died you will can use the other. :D

  • We have ordered a RPi 4 couple of days ago and will definitely take a look into it. Our main problem right now are limited resources.

  • This is good to hear, as my old pi3+ just isn't fast enough.

  • @roxette I know, I just thought I'd bring up the topic of the Raspberry Pi 4, which was only released a couple days ago.

    I've also ordered the 4Gb version. I'd be interested to know if it would need a new kernal because I've read online that the software is backwards compatible with the Pi3b. Not sure whether that's true or not.

    I wonder if it would also receive its own flashable Android images just like the Odroid (XU4, N2 etc), given that it's fast enough and should have enough power to run it.

  • @kalkov Interesting, that's awesome. Emteria would awesome on the Pi4 I'm sure.

  • @b1k3rdude True. But at least it runs on the Pi3+, the makers of the Pi3b kept saying Android would never run on their system and wouldnt support it. The only real issue I've had is after installing Opengapps.

  • Same to me. After installing the OpenGapps, the whole system slow down and crashes regularly. Now I want to find a way to uninstall the OpenGapps. Is someone here know how to unistall this OpenGapps?

  • @Leos_electrone99 Yeah same here. There was a lot of freezing of the system. I don't know how to uninstall OpenGapps other than to a fresh flash of the image.

    A good alternative to OpenGapps is to use NanoDroid/MicroG

  • @kalkov

    the only real reason to convert emteria will be support usb-drives for installing the OS cause the sdcard read performance has doubled from 22MB/s to approx 45MB/s but i thinks its still to slow to have an impact on performance. So if you develop the situation keep this in mind please.

  • @kalkov anything we can keep an eye on for support updates for the Pi4?

  • @rooky , the 4gb of ram would also make for a nice performance / usability boost 🎉

  • @kalkov H264 video stream decoding? Will the RPi4 improve on the issues discussed in :

    I haven't seen anything on the RPi4 GPU memory allocation.

  • @Cee123, I am happy to use my pi3, but the lag the last time I used it was a non-starter.

  • @ BasicItStuff, as i saw on my pi 3 with open dabz, here maps and carplay the system was consuming less then 380 MB of Ram so, I dont think so... IT IS the storage subsystem where the limitations are, like modern PC systems, put a Intel i9 9900k with 64 GB of RAM in your system and let the OS run on an SATA I or for the fun SATA II or SATA 3.0 HDD and you'll see what i mean. Its not about the Big Block you know its how you can put so much power on the road.

  • I understand but giving the same i9 9900k 1GB of RAM with super fast storage would also be a bottleneck , you having to choose between booting windows or running an app, oh wait ;)

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    @b1k3rdude Yeah true. I know what you mean. The hardware is too slow to run anything. And the freezing as well. Just tried mine again and my god was it slow.

  • The raspberry pi 3 is fine for me, I mean it could be better with raspberry pi 4.

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