Emteria not booting on my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model


Emteria is not booting on my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model, what I tested so far is both the Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ image and the Raspberry CM-DevKit image (just to be sure ;) ).

Suggestions are welcome.

I am hoping the Emteria team gets there pi soon and figgers it out, 4GB of RAM will be a tipping point for Emteria.


  • Dual screen support would be cool but could be a big ask I guess?

  • Based on the latest Raspbian which supports RPI 4 hardware used kernel v4.19.50 hence i assume Emteria O.S will need a new kernel/firmware/boot files in order to work.

  • Just interested in a timeline, I don't think I can swap out the kernel by myself ;)

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    Well, there has been no mention of an Emteria version for the Raspberry Pi 4 just yet since it just came out. It may even end up getting its own flashable Android images just like the Odroid. Too early to say.

  • I understand it just came out but this seems a game changer for this os so the faster it's out there the better it would be for Emteria :smile:

  • I agree it would be a game-changer to get the Pi4 working on this.

  • Agree, Raspbery Pi 4, very frustrating it does not work

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    Just wondering if Emteria could just be ported over or if it has to be re-made from scratch for the Pi 4. I asked the folks at Raspberry Pi, whether Raspberry Pi 4 will receive its own flashable Android images and, well, they never got back to me and were completely uninterested so...

  • I suggest the new version of emteria for raspberry pi 3 and 4 should support both dsi and HDMI output at the same time. So, I can use the dsi (internal display) and HDMI (external display) to allow me connecting the pi with projector without disconnecting the dsi cable.

  • Any updates? Timeline?

  • I'm looking for this too. Would love to buy a Pi4 and run Emteria on it.

  • Give is some time, it's probably not an easy task.

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    Even Retropie isn't out for Raspberry pi 4 yet. /disappointed.

  • I think they made changes more than ever on the cpu side of things at the raspberry pi foundation. The pi 2, 3 and 3+ where very similar in cpu architecture i think, the 4 is a new start / different path

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