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  • albdom, yes. I used terminal emulater for android. What I did: First you need download (can use another one) Copy to /system/lib/hw set the permission:…
  • Dear developers of Emteria OS, how to enable script autostart ?
  • Rafa, you need load cp210x.ko file in the system by insmod command, then set the baud rate of yout ttyUSB0 (for me its 4800 baud), after than you can read NMEA data from GPS. All this work, but only when l did it manually. Mr. Kalkov, what …
  • @PhucK_VN said: Hola everyone. I just Install the emteria OS..and it Laggy and how can I install Google store?? THANKS
  • I'm sorry, don't know how to add image here.
  • @kalkov said: Yes, we have included the configuration for this GPS module: If you have another one, we have to check how it is exposed to the Android framework. Wha…
  • Is update 0.5.5 already support USB GPS mouses? I tryed use my mouse, but is't didn't work.
  • Can I download your kernel from somewhere? I would like to rebuild it to use my usb gps mouse cp2104. I already did it with my Tinker Board it works realy good, but your Android image much better than Asus.