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  • hello kalkov, I am frustrated, bluetooth doesnt work anymore , cant switch on this , the file transfer has also worked before and now not anymore there must be a big bug in this release
  • Hello kalkov, what is the password for a ssh connection ?
  • The app you're referring to is bluetooth share? yes.. bluetooth works with very low levels and a little more ripple frome a power supply can disturb all connections i think so i tested my battery buffered system and it works ..hope it h…
  • by the way bluetooth .. how can I change the settings .. a data transfer(from a another smartphone ) breaks after a few seconds and a message is visible which points to a bluetooth app ?? but i cant find such an app elsewere my system is running …
  • hello at all, my problem is solved .. i have changed the powerSupply with an LIPO-Battery buffered selfmade powerbank - now i can connect to my Bluetooth (LE) system and there are no stripes at the screen and the Mousepointer is ok also - tested…
  • I bought extra a new raspberry to get my Healttracker-app to run but it doesnt work PS: the pairing doesnt work
  • @roxette said: It's weird that system halts sometimes occurs when i leave the Pi unattended. the same for me... and the "stripes are always visilble underneath and above the screen if a screen image fully loaded ....the second while l…