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  • After I have tested the navigation system on the Raspberry and it runs stable we can talk about it
  • Hi all, I installed TomTom completely new and now it works. No clue what went wrong. Now I'm happy :-) Thanks to all for the excellent help to get the GPS running.
  • IT WORKS !!! :-) After connecting a different GPS Mouse UsbGps4Droid shows my position. Unfortunately TomTom is the opinion that I have deactivated GPS :-( Has anybody an idea how I can TomTom teach to use the UsbGps4Droid position?
  • Hi roxette, Thanks for the help with Mock location settings, it worked and the error message is gone. Unfortunately I get still no connection to the USB device. I guess my USB GPS mouse is very unique :-) Tomorrow I have a chance to test a differ…
  • Hi marciling, Thanks for this tip :-) I have installed the app but it don't work. I get the error: UsbGps stopped Reason: Mock locations disabled in settings I have no clue what's a Mock location and what I have to set in the …
  • OK understood :-) Under Raspbian Stretch the USB GPS-Mous works fine, so I will find out which driver is needed. Thanks for your help!
  • Hi, I have sometimes trouble with installing Apps from Google Play. During downloading the App the Raspberry stops working. After a reboot the installation goes on and works well. Happened 2 times until now. But it could be that I made a mistake.…