Emteria 0.6.0

What's up with the release of version 0.6.0? The installer keeps alternating between offering me version 0.5.21 and 0.6.0.


  • Sorry for that. The version 0.6.0 is still in beta state, so it can only be installed via the built-in OTA update. However, one of our new customers asked us for an installable package, so I have temporary moved the release from beta to stable and back.

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    I'm on a licensed 0.5.21 and it's indicating the 0.6.0 is available. The previous post indicated it was still a beta version. How will the non-beta 0.6.? release be incicated and conveyed to us?

  • I would also like to get the beta, as I need static IP. Built-in update of 0.5.21 is failing with "version retrieval failed", so available version remains as "?".

  • You can only install it your downloading a fresh copy of emteria
  • @webhopper, we have received several bug reports for our latest features (including VNC and static IP). They are already fixed in our source base, so we will release 0.6.1 as non-beta in the next days.

    @RS1962, you can download the beta version from the installer.

  • @Flance said:
    You can only install it your downloading a fresh copy of emteria

    I'm getting the nag that a new version 0.6.0 is available, but it only offers 0.5.21.

    Does this mean that 0.6.0 (and upcoming 0.6.1) can't be updated in place by the updater and I need to do a full fresh install?

  • OTA updates are available for activated devices only. If you have an activated device, but don't see the newest version in the update application, it may be a beta release. Please check Settings -> Emteria -> Update -> Beta for more details.

  • My device is activated. I'm not quite sure what you mean with regard to beta versions. But I'm not running a beta version, and I thought 0.6.0 was a released version (so don't need to enable "Allow beta updates" (have never had this enabled))

    See below

  • I mean that 0.6.0 is a beta update. Since you don't allow beta updates, you don't see it in the installer application.

    Starting from 0.6.0 you won't receive notifications for beta updates if they are not enabled.

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