PiCam not detected by app

Hi All,
I'm evaluating Emteria currently and the first problem I have is that the PiCam is not recognised by applications. I can use the 'Camera' app and the image is displayed, but the Android app I am trying to run doesn't detect the camera and behaves like an android device without a camera, has anyone seen this?


  • Is it a video app? Photo works, video does not unfortunately.

  • It seems they are working on it.

  • adsads
    edited February 2019

    yes, its a video app, this is the main feature i need, app works fine on hardware android phones, but the video source is not available using emteria, so looks like the device is not available to the app.

    I also wondered if the app is expecting front and rear cameras, so it would be good to be able to emulate a camera with something like a colour bar in this case

    seems emteria wont be suitable for me in this case - the search goes on...

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