Connect 3.2 inch RPi LCD Touch Screen (B)

When i connect my 3.2 inch RPi LCD Touch Screen (B) the screen remains white and nothing is showing. Any help to connect my touchscreen.

I am using this one

Thanks in advance.


  • No answer? :neutral:

  • I'd suggest that a 3 inch / 320x240 pixel display isn't suitable for using Android.

    That said, all of these WaveShare displays run over SPI so there is nothing that lets Linux detect the presence of one or configure it properly. So it will always require manual setup to work properly. If you are looking for a plug&play solution, I'd recommend a HDMI display.

    (We don't have any of the WaveShare displays here to test, so while we might obtain some in the future, there is nothing we can do right now.)

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