Enable auto-start Web Launcher fails

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I need configure it to use Web launcher in Kiosk state enable, but when I reboot the Raspberry, the page can't load automatically, I have enter in mode administrative and enable Web launcher then

How to configure Kiosk mode on Web launcher and make sure that web will be automatic loaded and showed?


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    Hey ElexInfraTeam! Thank you for contacting the forum. Which version of the emteria.OS are you using?
    To be able to load a custom website in kiosk mode at start of the OS, you need to set up three things

    • Change presentation mode to Web launcher
    • Set up the default website that should be loaded
    • And turn on the kiosk mode

    Also make sure that you have an active internet connection at start up. For more details have a look at

  • Hi @Dubravicka Thank you for response.

    My version is v7.0.13

    And I configured this steps mentioned by you, but after reboot, the webpage canno't be loaded automatically

  • @ElexInfraTeam, is the device connected to the network when Kiosk is started? Do you have Ethernet or Wifi connection?

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