Sharing Access to License Groups on the Web Portal

edited January 2022 in Web portal

I am trying to add a second manager to my license group, I added via email (emteria username) and can see that person in my list. However when he logs in there is not obvious association with the license group that I create on my account. How do I give my colleague access please and where should he be looking to see the Licenses that we will share the administration of?



  • Hey @JonathanD. Try

    • Purchases -> Licenses
    • click on the edit icon for the license group you'd like to change
    • Then in the group overview page click on the tab Members
    • And then press on the Add button to add your colleague's account and assign the user role

    He should then see the group in his license overview

  • Thank you for your help - this resolved the issue

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