better now but still halt when I run Zeronet

now if I don't run any app it's ok, no more halt and run Resilio also no halt. but it will halt when I run Zeronet. and I can run this app on my TV box.


  • We didn't change any stability-related parts since our latest release. If you experience issues when running specific applications, system halts might be caused by them. Can you please describe the setup in detail, so we can test it here? How do you install Zeronet? How do you start it? How long does it have to run until the system stops?

  • maybe resilio fix the problem. and for zeronet just get zeronet apk and install it. it only work very short time then system stop.

  • Hi Kai. I've just tested the Zeronet apk. After installing and starting the app was consuming about 20% of the CPU, which has significantly slowed down the system. However, we did not experience any halts and the system is still running fine after 10 hours of uptime.

  • thank you! it is ok for me now.

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