Issues installing emteriaOS into RPi3

When I try to install the trial version on RPi3. It completes flashing but with error - saying "unable to create ext4".
I have a new RPi3 which works with Raspbian. I am installing from Windows 10.
Please help.
After the trial, my company is looking to buy commercial licenses.


  • Hi @GaneshS. It may have different sources. If possible, please try another sdcard or another sdcard adapter or another PC / operating system.

  • Thanks, I will try with Ubuntu and let you the outcome

  • Hi @GaneshS ,
    you can try to format the sd card before flashing.
    In my case, it fixed this.

    Have a nice day

  • It worked when I flashed from Ubuntu instead of windows. I always full format SD card before flashing.

    I will send a commercial enquiry for purchases.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will check the windows installer again.

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