Screen rotation & Audio on RPI4

On our provisioning setup for RPi4, we have set the correct setting to output Audio via 3.5 jack according to instructions " = 1" and asking to set the screen at 90 degrees. None of these settings seems to be applied properly when the device is re-provisioned, though the other provisioning like boot animation etc. are updated.


  • Thanks for posting the issue description. May I ask for more details about "re-provisioning"? What does it mean exactly? Configuration is changed online and a new image is flashed afterwards?

  • hi, we re-install the OS with the flashing util. We are now running the latest nightly build but still have an issue with not getting any sound through the 3.5mm jack, even though we are setting this in the provisioning settings and also in the Raspberry Pi settings once inside Android. We have not not changed the setup after installing the latest nightly build, but still the same issue of no audio over 3.5 jack.

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