Minimize GPU Memory on raspi3


I successfully install latest emteria release on my raspi 3 having a Hanns-G HT225HPB (21,5") Touchscreen connected to it. Screen resolution runs at 1680x1050, so far so good. Now I wonder if its possible to minimize the shared memory of the GPU? I tried


in /boot/config.txt but with no luck. As far as I know Full-HD screen resolution should be possible with 128 Megs of RAM without any problems, but emteria steals more than this. Can you please give me any hint what I can do in addition?



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    gpu_mem applies only to the propietary Broadcom driver, emteria.OS is using the upstream Gallium VC4 driver. The "cma-256" in the config.txt is what sets the memory for this driver.

    Feel free to try different values, but I highly recommend you leave it at the maximum 256 MiB. Android isn't particularly aggressive in releasing GPU memory and when you run out, the system will simply freeze.

    We're working on a system that monitors GPU memory and reclaims from background activities, but it's not there just yet.

  • Ok I tried, but with no luck. Minimizing GPU RAM to 128 didn't let me login after reboot. I'll stay at 256

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