Is there not a simple image file for Raspberry Pie?

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I am at my wits end with emteria installers, and every avenue I try has given hours of stress and frustration leading to a dead end. Is there not in all the advertising and other trash of which your website is so full, a simple bit image file for a Raspberry Pi (of your choice)? This should be of your your 'best' android emulation trial edition. E.g,

DD if=(SimplyDownloaded).iso of=/dev/sdc

where dev/sdc is an microSD card I intend to simply put in a raspberry Pie. Hey-presto! I should actually experience emteria Operating system and all the joy your website goes on about.

Why is this so exceedingly complicated?



  • Sorry for bad user experience, Yogi, but not all of our users know what dd is and what happens if they confuse of=/dev/sda instead of /dev/sdc. Additionally, there may be legal implications when distributing GPL Linux/Firmware code and non-GPL Android code inside the same image. Finally, sometimes we need to include customer-specific configuration files in the installation, which would require mounting partitions and copying it to the right location.

    I agree that from your perspective there might be an easier way of achieving the goal. From the global perspective, unfortunately, we didn't find an optimal approach which would work for everyone. We are very much interested in your ideas and will be happy to improve the user experience of our installer in future.
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