Sideloaded app not showing in Launcher

I've sideloaded an internally developed application of ours onto our Emteria.OS v11.3.0 installation on a RaspberryPi 4 Model B. I've deployed this app to other Android devices without issue before, however after installing the APK through the "Files" app, the app is not showing in Android's app launcher. However if I go to Settings -> Apps and notifications -> See all apps it is showing in that list.

Are there any restrictions related to sideloaded apps I need to be aware of in Emteria.OS?


  • This issue can be closed. It seems the issue is with the deployed app itself as I get the same issue on other Android versions. When I mentioned I'd deployed without issue before, it seems this was an earlier version of the app and that earlier version also works on Emteria.OS.

  • @SDServo, thank you very much for testing & reporting!

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