Raspberry Pi 4 Install Gapps

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I'm trying to install Gapps on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Emteria. I've had no issues getting Emteria up and running, however I've not been able to get Gapps installed.

I have:
- Installed and booted Emteria
- Enabled Developer Options
- Enabled Allow ADB via Ethernet in the Emteria options in settings

While Emteria is booted I am able to connect to the device from adb on Windows, however if I try to use the adb sideload command, I get the errors:

adb: sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found
adb: trying pre-Kitkat sideload medthod...
adb: pre-Kitkat sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found

I'm not sure if I should expect to be able to sideload Gapps while Emteria is booted or not.

If I reboot to recovery, I'm aware that Emteria for RPi4 does not currently have TWRP, but in the recovery menu there is a load from ADB option. If I choose that the device appears to tell me to go ahead and use adb sideload.

However, while in this recovery state, the RPi4 doesn't appear to be connected to the network via ethernet or WiFi (not sure if I should expect it to be) but adb devices shows nothing even when the RPi4 is connected to the PC via USB, so I can't use sideload there either...

Anyone got any pointers?


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