Technical queries on Emteria OS for Raspberrypi4 Bmodel

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We are EmBware Technologies & Components. We are doing measuring and monitoring devices. We are using Emteria trial version. We like to go with the emteria.OS to our project in future herewith we have some doubts about Emteria.OS.

  1. How you are justifying the emteria.OS is supported commercial use.

  2. What is the advantage compare to LineageOS (non commercial).

  3. How to change the boot image & boot animation

  4. Will you support to use android IO drivers (SPI, I2C, UART & GPIOs)

  5. How to download the Emteria.OS android 7 for both raspberrypi 3B & 4B


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    Hi @latha

    1. I don't fully understand this question and will reach out to you via email
    2. As you say, LineageOS is a non-commercial product. Also, emteria.OS is available for some other embedded hardware platforms besides Raspberry Pi.
    3. You can change it with emteria Device Provisioning:
    4. No, we don't provide Android IO drivers, but the Linux drivers are part of the kernel and you can access them for example via JNI from your app. Please see here for a sample:
    5. The current version of emteria.OS for Pi 4B is based on Android 11. The one for Pi 3B is based on Android 7. You can flash both version using the emteria installer:

    Gerrit (part of emteria)

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