web launcher without network and page hosted on device

Hello, I am testing your OS to use it without a network, so I would like to use a hosted page on my device, is it possible?
And if it were possible:
In which folder should I save the files of my website?
And what would be the correct way to write the address of my default website?
Congratulations on your product.


  • You would put all the files in the /sdcard directory, which is "External Storage" in Android.

    To load in a webview, you would use the context.getExternalFilesDir() method in java. Your app would also need read_external_storage permission.

    The URL will be of the form file:///(path_returned_by_method)/filename

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Excuse my ignorance but I don't know where or how to use "context.getExternalFilesDir() method in java", could you give me some more indication?

  • That is a command in the java file management API. You would need to write a custom app (java) to get this. You can then use that URL to load your pages within a Webview View in your custom app.

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