everything brakes

everything brakes and freezes .. for 10-50seconds
nothing is possible
raspberry3, immediately after installation

So it should be?
if this is a commercial product, I wanted to buy it, but the impression that launched Windows98 on at286 20mhz)))
I'm sad(

sorry for the translation - google translator - (((


  • Do you have any specific examples? How can we reproduce your problem? It is still a 1.2 GHz device running the full-fledged Android distribution, so nobody is expecting it to compete with modern smartphones. However, I can't reproduce the behavior where "everything brakes and freezes".

    Nobody should feel obliged to buy something he/she doesn't like. This is why we provide the free version for testing. If you test and report, we may be able to fix it in future.

  • The simplest program for managing a smart home - imperihome on google play
    you are so positioning - emteria.OS

    Building Automation
    Home automation
    Smart buildings and local monitoring systems are the pillars of future people living. To control these, people need to interact with computer systems in more intuitive and more efficient way than today. emteria.OS is the operating system of choice for creating automated homes and smart facilities.

    but here it turns out that the OS itself slows down and the application ...
    it would be very convenient to use raspberries3 and emteria to manage a smart apartment instead of a set of tablets.

  • There are other apps working just fine - lights control, sensors monitoring and more. I don't want to advertise them here. As I've said above, we don't claim to be capable of everything - you can test it for free and let us know if there is something else you need. I don't see the point in an argument without constructive examples.

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