Emteria cannot fully display a Unity-based VR application on 5 inch screen

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Hello Forum Experts,
I have tried running a unity-based VR application using Emteria OS running on Raspberry Pi 4 B, 4 GB.

The VR application runs but the split-screen is only displaying on the center-bottom of the 5-inch screen.
Anyone with similar experience and fixes for this issue ?
Thank you !!


  • Hey @R2D2,
    Is it a single display or are you using 2 screens?
    What does your setup look like?

  • Hello Jan,
    Its a single 5-inch display which i have connected via a HDMI cable to the Rasp Pi's micro HDMI port no. 1.

  • Hey @R2D2 ,
    How do you create the split-screen?

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