Problems with busybox to listen to a serial link

Hello everybody,

I would like to listen a serial link on my Raspberry pi 3 with Emteria.os.
To do this, I think to use BusyBox with microcom.

Is this a good solution?

First problem: I can not install BusyBox correctly.
Message: "It looks like the installation of BusyBox was not succeffful. Try installing a different location, that can resolve the issue"

I tried by installing in /system/xbin or /system/bin but nothing changes.

Do you have any suggestions to help me?

Best regards


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    I succeed to install busybox correctly !
    I just need to get the superuser rights (I used KingRoot)

    I can now use the command:
    "sudo microcom -s 9600 ...."
    But I can not listen my serial port.
    With Raspbian, I have to activate the UART0 and can listen the serial port with:
    "sudo microcom -s 9600 / dev / ttyS0"

    But with Emteria.os, how to get access to the serial port? Which tty should I listen to?

  • You don't need KingRoot - emteria.OS has integrated SuperSU. If you want to use the serial port, you need to specify which TTY you would like to use in the "cmdline.txt" file. Also, you need to set "enable_uart=1" in the "config.txt".

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