Trying to solve vnc issue

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I know that vnc doesn't work since RTAndroid, however, yesterday i came across the app in screenshot and wanted to give it a go.

The app is connected just fine till i start a vnc session from my pc then it crashes with the following error.
"Unfortunately the pixel format of your device is not supported. We are working on this."

Is there any way to solve that issue?



  • Hey,

    the current emteria.OS defaults to BGRA8888 (as does Android-x86) for compatibility with the Mesa graphics driver. We've recently moved our development version to RGBA8888 (the AOSP default) and it might fix this issue.

    I will try the app and report back.

  • Hello Stefan,
    Thank you for the quick reply :smile: ,
    That seems to be good news, i hope it will work.

  • Just a quick update: moving to RGBA8888 fixed the issue in the VNC app. It also helps rendering in other apps (e.g. the map display in Waze). I think there will be a new release soonish.

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    Wow, that's so awesome ... i can't wait to try the new release :smiley:
    I think that will solve the screen cast/mirror issues as well.

  • i think Droid VNC Server is working on 7.1.2

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    @IvanNuestro said:
    i think Droid VNC Server is working on 7.1.2

    The reason for mentioning that particular app in the thread is it tells you why it doesn't work, that was a hint in order to solve the problem.
    Unlike Droid VNC Server which doesn't work and it doesn't tell you anything :smiley:

    Edit: well, it probably tells you why it doesn't work but i was not able to read the error because of the GPU driver issue.

  • vnc.jpg

    Hi, VNC is now working using Android Oreo, i believe Cast is working as well.
    Are you guys going to release an Android Oreo version soon? :smile:

  • Thanks for updating. It would be awesome, if switching to Oreo would solve all the problems even with GPU driver problems. But I cannot believe that... it is more probable that your version is using another way of rendering (maybe software?). We would like to fix the underlying problem instead of providing workarounds, but we don't have a solution yet. If I am wrong and Oreo fixes it while preserving good performance, we will definitely look into it.

  • opengl.jpg

    Regarding GPU renderer, does this screenshot make any sense to you?

  • Anyone successfully gets VNC Server running yet?

  • Hello,
    There is an issue with postimage website.
    The previously uploaded images won't appear unless you change the url from
    I'm unable to edit my last comments so i just want to let you know :smile:

  • We have a new approach for making this work. I hope we will know more in a couple of weeks.

  • @roxette, which application did you use (images are broken)? do you know which version that was?

  • Hi Igor,
    As i mentioned in my last reply, you just need to change the images url from

    So the new links will be as follows:

    It's alpha vnc lite v1.2.6

  • Thanks for your fast reply. This app acts as a server, right? Or only as a client? I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

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    The app is VNC server only.
    That Oreo screenshot was captured from my windows 10 pc using VNC Viewer to prove that it works.

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    Hi Igor,
    I installed Emteria v.0.5.21 to test the integrated vnc server,
    Yeah, i can tell you that it works pretty well :smiley:
    However i believe you tweaked that vnc server to support Emteria pixel format only therefore other apps pixel format problem remains unsolved.
    Including Cast feature not working and could be the same issue for barcode scanner and Whatsapp videocall too.

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