Arduno 64mp--Camera app not working

Hi there,

I have an Arduno 64MP camera module that I was hoping to use kind of like a smartphone-style camera with a touchscreen, but when I launch the camera app it immediately closes, and if I press it enough times it just says "Camera app keeps closing", but with no error information. I've loaded the arduno-64mp driver in config.txt, has anyone had luck getting Emteria to work with it? It works fine under Raspberry PI Os, but I feel like Android's camera app would be a better interface overall compared to typing in commands in the terminal.



  • Did you have any success with your 64MP camera? I am also attempting to integrate the ArduCam 64MP camera but it appears the driver is unable to access enough contiguous memory. I've reached out to ArduCam but they do not seem interested in supporting Android on the Raspberry Pi.

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