Pi 5 - Android 14

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Was able to finally boot Android 14 on the Pi 5, however the boot to recovery does not work to install PlayStore, even though it was set to do so in emteria settings, it does not come up after restart when selecting recovery mode. None of the other APK installer apps work either and it keeps coming back with a message 'internal problems' with the PI when starting up.

It comes rooted by default by the looks of it so thats a good feature. Though installing the Play Store or another non open source APK would be great.

Would very much like to get emteria going fully, so I can make good use of PI 5 and the touch screen I got it for it.


  • Hey @JoeyB,
    Our RPi5 is currently a preview image and some of our features require u-boot to work. We will need to wait for a proper U-boot implementation to add all of our features and leave the preview state.

  • Hi @JoeyB been trying to install Android 14 on Pi5, but it re-starts everytime during setup. Not sure why, usually on the WiFi screen. Any help would be appreciated.

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