CEC commands via ADB?

Is there a way to send CEC commands to the display of the device the OS is installed on?
I found directories named cec0 and cec1, but I'm unsure if or how to get that working.


  • @MFM I think on the Android side CEC is not implemented we just integrated the CEC Kernel drivers.

  • @Jan_Kehren Oh ok. Is there a way to some other way to toggle the power of the display via ADB then?

  • @MFM you could simulate a power button press through adb by:
    adb shell input keyevent 26

  • I more meant actually turning off the display programmatically with way CEC commands would be able to. That command just blanks the OS black. All the displays I connect it to remain on with that command.

  • @MFM I am sorry but I am not aware of something like this. Maybe it is possible to use the CEC driver from the cli but I am not familiar with CEC.

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