sushell - How to make work with standard apps

I have recently starting playing with Emteria on a RPi5.
On this version su has been replaced by sushell. And sure enough, I can get root shell from adb or SSH.

But how can standard apps (not ones I've built), gain root access?
I'm thinking of Tasker, file managers, Aurora etc. It seems like they think they don't have root access, I guess these apps are looking for "su" and can't find it?

There is some discussion of a root option under developer options (which I can't see).

Actually (as a BTW) I can't see the terminal under developer options either.

I was thinking I might have to symlink sushell to su but the correct way would be helpful.


  • Okay I was planning to symlink or copy sushell to su to allow this.

    However, I see that all system partitions are now Read-Only and can't be mounted R/W.
    In previous versions, you could just "mount -o remount,ro /" but this gives permission denied now even as root. I presume this is due to "dynamic partitions" being used.

    I have looked to "systemrw" but this pretty much requires access to recovery (which doesn't seem to work with the touchscreen) to re-write the generated image.

    Do you have an Emteria method to switch Android back to a full R/W system or to make this easier? Even a change that would work with the imager that would allow this to keep working through updates?

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