Looking for Qt Cross-Compiler kit for IMX8 VAR-SOM to add to Qt creator running on windows pc

Hi, I'm a software engineer working on a project integrating VAR-SOM-MX8 SOM (with NXP-IMX8QM controller).
I've been using Qt in my development environment, but I find the process cumbersome.
Currently, I need two different desktop computers, one for development (Windows) and one for compiling (Ubuntu Linux).
I'm seeking a way to streamline the process by downloading a cross-compiler kit for Qt-Creator on my Windows PC to compile directly for VAR-SOM-MX8.
My VAR-SOM OS is of Linux YOCTO for Variscite, NXP i.MX Release Distro 4.14-sumo (imx8qm-var-som).
Qt version I need this support is: 5.10.1
Qt Creator: 4.5.1

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