Self-explanatory name for OSX installer application and other improvements

Very very nice that you provide a GUI installer.

Could you please improve it to have a self explanatory name like "Emteria Android Raspberry Pi Installer"?

Would be also nice if you could actually start it from the UI and if the app would do all image downloading etc. as the unprivileged user and only do the final writing to the SD card as root? This is kind of common practice to reduce the amount of code that runs under root. Integrating the "Grant access to app X to write to SD card" dialog would be also nice.

And finally, signing the app will allow it to run without a security warning.


  • Hey,

    those are very reasonable suggestions. Please excuse that certainly the MacOS version is lacking some polish - a cross platform installer requiring full access to the SD card has lots of pitfalls and seemingly every OS out there has a different idea of how you should get the necessary rights to do the writing.

  • Sounds good, thank you very much for posting. We will try to split your post into small work packages and integrate them step by step. Right now it is only Stefan and me working on all projects at the same time (to be honest, its mainly Stefan who does all the hard work with the installer for OSX), so its difficult to keep up. Nevertheless, we do really appriciate all the feedback we receive.

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