Rotate from landscape to portrait

the problem might be my monitor i am using: i-tech YPMW2150WTF-PCAP-P, this monitor is only supposed to display in portrait mode. I installed several different apps to rotate the picture including the suggested "ScreenRotation" app. all it has done is display the scrren slimmer, with black bars on the side, like fake portrait mode. It does not rotate scrren at all. Any suggestions?


  • Can you please post a picture of your tv in the normal (non-rotated) state and when rotated by using one of the apps? Maybe Android is "optimizing" the picture because of too high resolution?

  • It probably happens because the resolution was changed. Does it have to be so big for your application? If not, you can force it to stay at 1280x720 and try the rotation again. AFAIK, it should work fine. If you are planning to use it for commercial applications, please drop me an email for faster support.

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