Get a free full license! emteria GmbH is looking for your use cases

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Dear everyone,

we are looking for the best use cases of emteria.OS.
Please send me yours with some photos and a descprition (in English, German, Dutch or Spanish) to

I will choose the best three cases by the end of this week and they will get a free emteria.OS license!

And every serious participant will get a discounted version of 9,90 €.

Please be aware that we can and will create marketing material from this information and by sending it to me you agree on endorsing us those rights.

Thanks and cheers,

Chief Business Development Officer


  • I use android on raspberry pi just for general use such as playing games, surfing the web, etc. I do have to admit that the popup can be quite annoying. I can see why you do that. There is absolutely no problem with that. I generally just play games that dont take too much RAM. Is this a good enough excuse to apply? And am i too late?

  • Dear Darkplatinum,

    please send me a photo of your use-case to

    Best regards,

  • I purchased my license to use emteria's build for a head's up display while using a performance automotive tuning app. This app typically requires the user to be tied to their phone or tablet while driving. Emteria and raspberry pi make it where the operator can put the phone or device down and focus on driving.

    A free license would help me bring my idea to functional prototype.

  • Good morning, i just happened to find this Software yesterday and i actually haven't yet tried it. i downloaded it yesterday tho. my plan is to get a portable mini tv running with emteria and raspberry pi 3. also i plan to use some Version of iptv using smart tv app.

  • Hi,
    I found your software due some researches for a business project. So I want to use emteriaOS on my private Pi3 at home as an "gaming" station for my kids and me ;)

    At work I currently plan to use emteriaOS as Digital Signage Client OS. I hope we can replace the lame windows setup.

  • Good Evening,
    Chanced upon Emteria via original RTAndroid website. I just setup my microSD Card with free Emteria rpi3-v0.5.2. Intent is to use RPi3 as AndroidTV maybe. As a possible substitute for my Roku and run One specific regional Channel (using Android App) on the TV. My family (older generation unfamiliar with remotes) watch this Channel all day and find it too confusing to operate the Channel on Roku. I have a USB IR remote/receiver set (model OVU4003/00) that I plan to attach to RPi3 and possibly get it to work.
    Currently, the single main drawback I am encountering is that my TVs are 1080P and I have been unable to make Emteria rpi3-v0.5.2 boot on it, yet.
    Lot of "If's" at the moment but, keeping my fingers crossed. :smile:
    Thank you for all the excellent work in making Emteria available for us to play with/test out.

  • Hey everyone,

    thanks for your feedback so far!
    You probably read in our last newsletter, that Hemie won this competition. However I want to keep this thing open and I am willing to grant further licenses for 9,90 € if you show us interesting use-cases. To proof this please send me an e-mail with pictures and a descrition of your use-case to

    Thanks and cheers,

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    Hello phyl,
    May you allow me to say that if Hemie browse this forum and RTAndroid forum and he prefered not to share anything with us or even reporting a bug then unfortunately he doesn't deserve to win the competition. :smiley:
    What do you think?

  • @roxette said:
    Hello phyl,
    May you allow me to say that if Hemie browse this forum and RTAndroid forum and he prefered not to share anything with us or even reporting a bug then unfortunately he doesn't deserve to win the competition. :smiley:
    What do you think?

    Dear Roxette,

    first of all thanks for your message and the patience for my response. We hope you are also enjoying your Christmas vacations?!

    I understand your concerns as Hemie is not actively participating with his real name in this community too much. And I agree he is not sharing too much within in this community. One of his reasons is that he working on problems outside emteria.OS right now. I can tell you, that we had a couple of e-mail exchanges after he applied for this contest and he convinced me with good answers to my questions. I actually think that he a) exists and b) is working on a very social and technically high sophisticated project. And I guess you understand when I quote myself "this challenge is about finding the best use case" and not the person who is participating the most in the community. That does not mean at all that we are not very interested in our community. You and the rest of the people here are very important to us. Igor actually mentioned you a few times in the office, so I know how much time you invest in us and I am really glad that there are people like you doing this. Thank you very much, Roxette!

    Wish you all the best,

    P.S.: Have a look in the latest Christmas newsletter. ;)

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    Hello phyl,

    Thank you so much for your response,
    Actually, i felt that i did a mistake writing the above reply and i wished to delete it but it was too late.

    I do understand that the your goal was to find the best use case not the the person who participate the most however my point of view is

    • How did Hemie know that the competition exists?
      Answer :He read this thread then applied.

    So he does browse the forum and he owes a debt of gratitude to this community because everybody that participated here had helped him somehow to use a bug free Emteria OS then win the challenge.

    Me too wish you, Igor, Stefan and all the ppl behind this project a merry Christmas and happy new year :)

    All the best.

  • Hi Philipp,
    for those of us who participated, how can we get the discounted license? I sent my use case with picture december 8 (

    best regards

  • Thanks every participant!
    I close this opportunity for now.

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