Video Problems

Hello everyone,

I have installed Emteria Android on my Raspberry Pi 3 (OS works fine).

I have tried to install 3 video applications (youtube, tv line guide, horizon go) and I have these problems with them.

Youtube: i can hear the sound but no video
Tv Line Guide: i can hear the sound and "watch" the video (but video is not smooth)
Horizon Go: i can "hear" the sound and "watch" the video (but video and sound are not smooth)

Could any one help with this? Is it possible to fix it (for example with some codec), or there is no way to watch video without problems?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Best regards


  • Hi @dzardysek, it is strange, that youtube doesn't work at all. It works in our configuration, but it isn't smooth either. Fortunately, we already have a big performance improvement for video playback. It is in the testing phase and will be released in the next days.

  • Hi @kalkov thank you for your answer. Ok I undrestand, I will wait for that release with the video performance improvements. Cheers

  • Hi Kalkov

    Will look forward to any improvement in video quality. I was dismayed, for example, that the BBC iPlayer Android app failed to play the video component. The Kodi Android app using the iPlayer add-on just about plays BBC iPlayer video at the lowest resolution. So, currently, the Android TV iPlayer is unusable but can play Radio iPlayer with some disruption to sound quality if, for example, you simply move the mouse. Using the Kodi app, the Radio iPlayer add-on is good.

  • There was a whole bunch of unusable video players. We are currently working on the hardware acceleration for video decoding, which brings significant improvement to the overall playback performance. Being half way through, some apps are working much better now, but others are even slower than before :neutral: We have to investigate this further.

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