How do I Shutdown Raspberry Pi

I am new to ESL but I have managed to get an evaluation copy of ESL installed, how do I shutdown the device (Raspberry Pi)?


  • There is a shutdown button in the app drawer.

  • Please excuse my ignorance, can you provide step-by-step instructions. I am new to android I do not know where the app draw is or how to impolement the shutdown button.

  • You don't need any step-by-step instructions, but rather a little bit of curiosity :smile:
    Just boot emteria.OS and you will get the desktop. On the desktop there is a white button (usually on the right) you can use to get access to all the apps. Just play around and you will find what you need. We can't give you a full tutorial on how to use Android here.

  • Its the button with three dots on the right hand side, there is an application called shutdown.

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