restart issue when connected to usb flash drive

Restart problem while USB flash drive is connected. Black remains on screen. Continuously restarting.


  • Please help us to understand your use case. Why does the flash drive have to be connected to your system during a reboot? What kind of drive is it?

  • I'll make it the vehicle computer. The system does not start with flash memory on it.

  • emteria.OS won't start from a USB flash drive - you will need a SD card to contain the operating system. You can still use a flash drive for storing data.

  • My system works with sd card. But when I forget to remove the flash memory, it does not open. Black display is on hold. How can we only detect the sd card in the opening settings.

  • We cannot reproduce this issue on our RPi with an empty USB flash drive. Is it a bootable drive? What is it used for?

  • Kalkov, you told me because I needed to have a usb memory in the boot. I am using emteria for a carpc and it would be very annoying to have to disconnect and connect the usb memory on every off/on. In my memory, I only have music stored.

  • We have removed the USB device detection during the boot. Maybe it will help you to solve such issues. The new release is coming in the next days.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. A great news the arrival of a new version. I also wanted to tell you about the usb memories, that the music playback app is unable to detect the usb memory, although it is well mounted in the system (it can be accessed from file manager applications). Indicate that I have tried with many applications, in addition to KoDi and all of them indicate that there is nothing in the directory where the USB memory is mounted.

  • Sometimes you need to restart the device before your media is shown up in the player (the media scanner is running during the boot). I'd suggest you await the new version and try to reboot it with the usb drive inserted into your Pi.

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