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I've installed emteria.OS 0.5.2 and opengoogleapps arm 7.1 pico and my pi3 is remarkably slow, lagging on some 3d apps at like 2fps, something a cheap underpowered Lenovo smartphone did smoothly in comparison. It occurred to me that it doesn't have graphics acceleration. Help?


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    PS: An additional example - i've installed angry birds and it sits on the splash screen with a stuck mouse cursor for 20 minutes, until I reboot it from power source. Numlock toggle works. The activity led only blinks occasionally.

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    After the installation of GApps, the system needs a while to optimize the new applications. It may take a while. Just leave it alone for 30-40 minutes and try again later - it should get a lot faster.

  • After installing the play store, everything was slow. Wait for 15mins and it should be ok. If the screen freezes or anything, restart it with CTRL+ ALT+ DEL

  • Yeah just keep running it and it should get faster.

  • Freezing and overall system performance are two different things. While we have only little influence on the second, we do our best to avoid system freezes. Until now, the only known source of freezes is the limited memory: if you use memory-intensive apps, the device runs out of GPU memory and dies. We don't have a solution for this yet, but if you leave the device running, it shoudn't be freezing (the device in my office is running for almost a week now). We will be happy to fix it if you can provide us more details on how we can reproduce your problem.

  • force stop the playstore and download any latest playstore apk on google and install it. and the freezes will gone. hope this helps.

  • I'm having sluggish/freezing issues on PlayStore 8.8.12 downloaded from OpenGApps (pico). I looked for a different version but it appears that 8.8.12 is the newest available. If there is a newer version, could you please provide a link?

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