Unsuccessful Flash


In continuation of our conversation on my unsuccessful flash from the Windows 64bit installer, I was finally able to regain access to my SD cards by using a different formatter program. I downloaded EaseUS Partition Master and after some messing around with it, I was able to reformat my SD cards. I really have no idea what happened after I flashed Emteria the first two times, but I was successful on the third try. I am beginning to suspect that I have a hardware issue with my card reader.

I have the OS running now and I am on to the next item on my wish list - installation of Google Play and related services.


  • Glad to hear that, thank you very much for reporting. As I have mentioned in somewhere in another thread, we are currently working on recovery support. This would open the possibility to install OpenGApps just like on any other device. However, this is a complicated topic, so I can't provide any ETA for now.

  • Hello , excuse me for my inglish , i have same probleme than IGOR
    and i try tomorrow to install android on my rasberry i3
    i m formatting my sdcard with sd card formatter
    by i m coming tomorrow to say news

  • Hello ,
    solution ok i'm format my sdcard with sd card formatter install again the android and all is all rignt
    But i have another probleme when i want to download a APPS for TV program don't want to do and it write me a message "you don' have devices" i don't know
    what i have to do coud you help me PLEASE

    best regards

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