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Can I unroot it? If so, please tell me how.

Can I unroot it? If so, please tell me how.


  • Theoretically, yes, it is possible. Practically it may be somewhat difficult. You can try to remove the Superuser application. May I ask why you need to unroot it?

  • Thank you, Some applications installed from the playstore do not allow root.

  • For example? It would be great to know how they detect it.

  • I do not know how it was detected.
    For example, Netflix can not be installed on a rooted machine and Hollywood TV application will not play it if it is rooted.

  • I still can not delete the Superuser application if you know how to tell me.

  • Please help me

  • We can't help you until you find out how the root is detected. If you simply need to remove an application, you can mount your sdcard in Linux and delete /system/app/Superuser

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