Raspberry Pi Zero W

Are there any potential plans to support Raspberry Pi Zero (BCM2835) since it is very close to the Raspberry Pi 3 (BCM2837)? The specs put the two devices very close to each other, but the Zero has a much smaller formfactor. I took a Micro SD with Emteria.OS that runs on Pi 3 and tried running on a Pi Zero, but it doesn't get past the bootloader.

Thank you.


  • The two are unfortunately not really comparable. While the VC4 GPU is the same (higher clock on the 3), the CPU on the Zero is only a single-core not-even-ARMv6 compared to the quad-core Cortex A53 with NEON used by the 3. Finally, the amount of RAM on the 3 is already borderline at 1 GiB; 512 MiB won't even boot a recent Android.

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