Setup Wizard fails to load

So I flashed the os to my sd card in linux mint. Didn't see any problem during to process. Loaded it onto the Pi, and it boot fine as far as I can tell. However once it get past the splash screen it just sits on a "Please Wait" screen with a loading bar indefinitely. After about what seems like five minutes I dialogue box pops up stating that its an evaluation version bla bla bla....
I can plug a keyboard and mouse in and works fine, just can't get past this "Please Wait" screen. Suggestions?


  • Disregard. I get it past it finally. Had to reload the sd five time to do it but its working now.

  • Hi Malvazar, sorry you had this problem. It would be great if you could submit us a bug report with some system logs (in case it ever happens again) and we will be happy to fix it in future.

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