Still many major inconveniencies

I upgraded succssfully to 0.5.3. However the following main inconveniencies exists in my RP3:
1. The F-Droid app may be launched but then freezes down
2. The OS screen is larger than the TV screen and there is no way to resize it
3. The OS crashes frequently on simple actions and rebooting is not possible (the OS crashes again after a few sec. display of the Emteria logo). A brand new flash of the SD card is necessary every time.
Anyone has a few suggestions?


  • Hi @Mazandaran,

    thanks for your feedback. I hope you understand that we can't instantly create a perfect product, but we are willing to improve and try to fix upcoming problems as quickly as possible.

    1) We did not experice any issues with F-Droid so far. Please let us know if this problem persists. Does it freeze each start you start it?

    2) See this topic:

    3) See this topic:

    Regarding the broken restart after freeze: this is clearly a bug. Can you provide us system logs? We will be happy to fix it in the next release.

  • Thanks for the comment. In fact I must regret to have raised the issue: there was a problem of power supply. Pls insert a warning on minimum PS!.
    With a more powerful PS the crashing disappeared anf F-Droid is working, even if very slowly and with the "App is not responding" warning appearing frequently.
    Regarding point 2 (screen overflow) the issue is not as dramatic as in the referred comment. It is a 5% to 10 % overflow off the TV screen. I gather that it should be corrected with the "Sreen size" setting, which apparently is not effective

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