BLE beacon support

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Does this OS support BLE meaning that it can scan beacon? I am currently running the eval version 7.1.2. Testing with an app that is scanning bluetooth beacon. The error message pop out sometime showing that bluetooth has stopped, but it will enabled by itself again. so far, i am not able to find any beacons running on this OS. The app can run on Android 7 without issue on the phone.


  • There are several problems with Bluetooth right now (audio, LE, transfer of large files). We didn't have time to fix them, since we are currently focusing on other functionality (audio, GPS, NFC, updates, touchscreens, USB and so on). If you can perform a small analysis and help up to identify the issues, we will be happy to fix them in the next release.

  • Do you have some updates in this matter?

  • I would also like to know.

  • We have several working projects with BLE support. Bluetooth isn't very stable though because of multiple hardware-related reasons.

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