video playback

I own a raspberry pi 3 model B, why does video playback lag so much? whether its youtube or simply playing a mp4 video of resolution 1280*760. Is there a way to get seamless video playback?


  • There is only 256M of GPU memory available on RPi, the most of which is used by other applications. There are applications (e.g. NewPipe in F-Droid), which can stream YouTube videos very fast, but it also depends on available media codecs and overall system performance. I wouldn't recommend you installing GApps at all, as they may slow down the whole system.

    If you have a big project, please let us know and we will check on additional codecs or similar.

  • I want to get rid of GApps but there are some application that will refuse to run or crash if Google play services is not installed.
    How to solve that issue?

  • Contact the developers of those apps to resolve that dependency? :)

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