Run Visu KNX System with Emteria

Hello ,

i want to run Hager Domovea with Emteria and need to have the app permanently open otherwise the app reconects everytime the screen saver is working new to the Server and it needs about 10 sec. for the reconection how can i do that ?

I´m also looking for a good speaker output modul 3-5 Watt and Microphone are there any good runing aplications available

Is there a way that i can run a LED Backlight together with a light sensor with Emteriaöffentlicher-bereich/knx-eib-forum/diy-do-it-yourself/1184435-raspberry-3-mit-android-als-visu


  • Hi @Andre12, welcome to our forum.

    Sorry, I didn't understand your question. Does the screensaver kill your application? Please give us more details.

    The audio capabilities of emteria.OS are still in development. Please check out this thread:

  • yes the screen saver kills my aplication (data conection) and it also stops runnung if i start a other app .


  • @Andre12 said:
    yes the screen saver kills my aplication (data conection) and it also stops runnung if i start a other app .


    You can turn the screensaver off by going to
    Settings - Display - Screensaver

  • That was also my suggestion. But if it stops working because you switch to another app, it sounds to me like it is the problem of this specific application. Maybe it is intentionally developed to behave like this?

  • i found out that the app it self is doing it (Reconect) , is there a way to tell the app it is always on first position to keep it permantly open even i start a second app.

    I need to run a SIP Aplication RTSP Player and the Domovea App. at the same time

    Bye Andre

  • This is against the nature of Android to behave like that. There is a strict application lifecycle enforced by the system, which notifies active apps if another app is started and brought in the foreground. The only thing I can imagine would be activating the split screen ( Maybe it will keep your application in front and prevent it from killing the data connection. But the better solution would be to contact the application developer and let him/her implement a proper background service.

  • @kalkov thanks for your answer. if we wanne use Emteria as a busnis version it would be necessary to have a least 2 windows permanently open in order to have the RTSP Player SIP or Home Application open

    Bye Andre

  • @Andre12, please contact us at (in German, if you prefer) and we will help you getting your business solution running. Please explain what exactly you mean by "2 windows permanently open". The notion of a "window" is pretty difficult to define in Android. What user sees are "Activities" and prior to Android 7 there was no (or very limited) way to show two different activities at the same time. The whole system is designed in such a way (somewhat simplified) that the user can only see one application at a time. Since Android 7 there is a new "Split Screen" mode, which might help you.

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