Touch calibration

I have a 10" eGalax touch intalled, the touch works but is not calibrated.
how can i do this?


  • i´ve the same problem.
    you have to reversed the y achsle,too?

  • same probleme and axe x and y inversed

  • i have the same problem i have a touch screen 5" working the video but not the touchscreen how i can config that
    800x480 resolution

  • My problem is:
    If i slide up the cursor move down.
    If i slide left the cursor moves right.
    The touch seems to work as touch pad because if i touch a point the cursor doesn't move anywere but do a click.
    I think that the raspberry see the touch as touch pad as a notebook mouse...
    If there is a way to fix this problem i can pay for a full emteria account

  • I'm work for find the solution, for now the rpi see the touch screen as touch and not as touchpad mouse.
    The cursor is hide but the touch is inverted.
    Tomorrow i'll work for calibrate the touch.
    When the touch will calibrated i writea guide

  • Hi Andre I waiting for you

  • There are news:
    I understood how to reverse the axes.
    You need to open the swap_xy file located in / sys / module / usbtouchscreen / parameters and replace Y instead of N.
    Now just disconnect and reconnect the USB touch screen.
    If there are problems, reverse the 4-wire connector before the controller.
    So the touch works but in my case it is undersized compared to the LCD.
    The other problem is that once the rpi has been restarted, the swap_xy file is rewritten.
    Now I have to understand how to increase the surface of the touch screen and how to change the file permanently.
    Is there anyone knows how to do it?

  • You can create your own configuration script which will be executed at boot time. In this script you can simply echo the required values into the correct file. Is it an appropriate solution for your use case? If yes, you can take a look at system initialization scripts in /data/init.d

  • I don't know the scrip sintax. I don't know the android language

  • I do init.d script and this works. Now i have to increase the touch screen area. Where can i find the calibration file situated in / sys / module / usbtouchscreen /parameters/calibration ?
    In the folder there isn't any file, i want to create it but i don't know what it contain.

  • I changed it to Y and it still doesnt work

  • What exactly are you talking about?

  • I had a problem with inverted x and y touchscreen movements, I edited the hwcalib_xy file in SYS/module/usbtouchscreen/parameters/ from N to Y and it fixed it, but the touch seems off. and it acts like a mouse, not touch. also I have to edit the file after every re-boot. :[

  • The last problem can be solved with a shell script in /data/init.d. For others you should take a look at the screen documentation.

  • I just bought a touch screen on eBay, to calibrate it, I connected it on my windows PC and start the calibration software. In some case the "calibration setting" are stored on the controller.

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