0.5.6 PI CAMERA v2

It works! I'm testing it in portrait mode. I'll write here what happens! THANKS A LOT


  • Be aware that while preview & still capture work, video capture will not because we're still lacking HW encoding for that.

  • ok. thanks. Maybe is this the reason why qr code readers don't work?
    now i'm working at 1440x900 50hz in portrait mode. Applications with still capture work ok but i've to rotate phisically the camera to obtain portrait mode. Is there another way?

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    I've some stability issues in 0.5.6. even if I'm not using camera. :( System freeze randomly. Last time i was only browsing installed apps

  • After other few tests, system often reboots. i can't understand if the problem is memory allocated for graphics (256mb) too low or too much for the system (ram memory available is only 270mb) (1gb-256mb graphic - 480 average use)

  • Maybe another clue: I played a video with newpipe for about an hour without any problem. Then I went back to desktop and immediately a reboot occours, trying to open launcher (now nova launcher installed.) Thx

  • Thanks for reporting. We'll take a look at it. But I'm afraid its caused by the lack of memory. We need some kind of extra logic around the memory allocation/deallocation, but we didn't find an easy way for doing so yet :confused:

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    Ok. Thank you for your work.. And what about qr code readers? is there a connection between their malfunction and video capture unsupported by pi camera yet?

  • sorry, I've another question. Pi Camera V2 should be 8Mp. In camera settings, why is there indicated "2,1Mp" ?

  • The Camera HAL currently does 720p for preview and 1080p still capture, hence the 2.1Mp. Those are the only 16:9 formats and they are the only ones that work with both V1 and V2 of the official Camera. We plan to detect the camera revision and offer higher resolutions in the future, but that requires more testing.

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    Thank you. Can you tell me if QR Readers don't work because video capture isn't supported? All QR Reader Apps i've tried crash in the same way.
    By the way, in my case, v0.5.6. reboots or freezes much more frequently than 0.5.5.

  • hi! Do you have news about stability of the system? Is this only my own problem? what can i do in order to achieve more stability? I'm going to buy a basic license because i've to use emteria during an expo. is the authenticated version more stable? THANK YOU.

  • @TB_Laboratorio, system stability is a bit off-topic here. Please open a new discussion, post more details about how we can reproduce your problem and we will do our best to solve it. The only stability issue known to us today is the limited memory. I've answered a similar question here: https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/202/bug#latest

    You can try cleaning up the list of recent applications more frequently and check if it improves the behavior of your system. We are evaluating other options, but it will probably take a while.

  • Hi Kalkov. I'll try your suggestions. Thank You

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