Long pressing the back button and rotation issues

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  • I noticed that kill app back button is missing from Emteria O.S, is it possible to bring it back in future versions?


  • Regarding screen rotation i was using Rotation Control app for that purpose then i was excited about the rotation controls which you implemented lately and i was getting ready to uninstall it.
    Unfortunately i noticed that the guard mode is missing, will it be an easy task to add that option?
    If not then just don't worry about it, i will just continue using Rotation Control.


Finally, for cosmetic purposes, the reboot and shutdown buttons shows system is shutting down :)
Please try to change the reboot caption later/

Best regards


  • Sounds reasonable to me.

    1) "Kill on long-press" is a Lineage feature. Not sure how exactly it is implemented, but we will look into it.
    2) So you want to prevent other apps from rotating the screen? AFAIK "Rotation Control" starts a background service which monitors the screen state. We tried to solve it more elegant, but obviously there are apps which ignore system settings. I'll try to figure out more details about the system logic - maybe there is another way of preventing such behavior.
    3) Yes, sorry. And "Recovery" shows "Factory data reset..." :innocent: These are localized system messages, so we would need to modify it in all existing languages. I hope we will have enough resources for such changes in future :blush:

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    Thanks for replying Igor,

    • Yeah, long pressing the back button to kill the foreground app feature is very useful, i didn't know it's a Lineage feature though i believe you can bring it to Emteria O.S too :)

    • Yes, i just want to force portrait or landscape mode so that other apps won't be able to change that setting.

    • No problem, that can be done just before the final touch :wink:

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